Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bulbul Nazer e kelom et Nurmomad e Tarjuma

Bulbul Nazer e kelom et Nurmomad e Tarjuma

Wʉči ya čʉxth saker, bengi ce ẓ̌ʉ išqay makon
Gardi be γal nay niyeng, motam et šurišt arzon
Vitkev per dest cʉmer hasratišt, sakr i malum
Xokev armoništ ce vitk, yav i be saker purson
Kumri fursat ki yi loy nezdem, ẓ̌ʉmʉrem x̌ʉ ziyon
Waxtep ʒaq reṣ̌t maẓ̌er yem ti rʉmʉṣ̌ner jonon

Pieces of the destroyed home are scattered, waiting to be picked up again
The noise, the wailing and the dust, nothing, has yet settled down
My wishes and dream trapped under the rubble, are yet to be known
My disgraced desires are yet to be healed, looked after
And yet, there is no time, to sit and count the losses I incurred 
Forgetting you, my life, is going to take me some time

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